Who is it for

Sectors served

Media & Technology

The team has extensive experience working with these two sectors across the gamut of market research offerings and so this is our core focus for now.


Thanks to our partner network of B2B panelists we can access almost any B2B group of people at scale (it can be expensive but if you have the budget the results will blow your mind).


with access to our exclusive influencer panel if you're an agency or brand trying to understand what influencers are thinking, we’ve got you covered…

More coming soon

Our goal is to expand into every business sector, in every country, in every vertical, everywhere, all the time, all the people.

Reports &
custom research

(Available now)

Video + Quant + Qual + Scaled + Insights:

Using our unique research methodology combined with our A.I. analytics we’re able to provide you with the richest most compressive custom report on anything your research mind could dream of.

All we need to know is what you want to conduct the research about and we can do the rest, you can be as hands on or off as you like.

Things we can do

  • Get as large as panel of video responses as you like

  • Go beyond the what and get to the why

  • Re-query your research after the fact

  • Insights provided in raw format, powerpoints, dashboards and written summaries

Syndicated trackers & products

(Coming soon)

Our version of media and tech brand trackers will be launching soon

Brand Trackers

Imagine your standard brand tracker but created from qual. data and then combined with an amazing A.I. to make sense of it and give you context. 

Currently focussing on Tech and Media but we plan to expand to 20+ industry verticals in 40+ markets.

Media Profiling

Understand your audience better. We are able to uncover valuable insights that would be difficult or impossible to identify through traditional methods.

The oracle of opinion

(Coming later)

Imagine a future where every question is instantly answered.