About us

We’re a team of slightly deranged entrepreneurs, data scientists and developers out to f&^% some shit up when it comes to market research. We previously built and sold a pretty successful data analytics platform to YouGov PLC, formerly the best MR company in the world now sadly for them they have been demoted to a close second ;-) - where our CEO and CPTO worked for the last 4 years at the cutting edge of market research, so we know what we’re doing.

We’re revolutionaries, we’re here to tear down the haute bourgeoise market researcher and rebuild and replace it with something beautiful…

Our vision

We believe that by combining the power of interrogative AI, generative AI, huge data sets from real people and our knowledge of the market research industry we will change how insights are gathered, delivered and used.

Redefining market research

We are not merely adjusting existing methods; we are crafting a novel and exciting approach, with AI as the foundational element.

Real data, real people, with AI

We are dedicated to applications of AI that are grounded in real human experiences—melding authentic data and AI interpretation.

Simplicity at its best

Imagine getting the answers to your critical business questions as easily as a Google search.

No more guesswork

Delve deeply into the motivations and behaviors of your consumers swiftly and affordably. No more uncertainty!

Expanding access

Exceptional insights should not be exclusive to those with extensive resources. We are here to serve everyone.

How we work

Syndicated offering

Our foundational product is a qualitative, AI-powered brand tracker that monitors a vast array of brands, expanding daily. This subscription-based tool empowers marketing and research teams to significantly enhance their market research efforts.

Custom services

We offer the capability to incorporate custom open and closed-ended video questions into our existing trackers. This allows us to process and generate tailor-made metrics and insights, further enriching our syndicated offerings upon request.

New markets

Presently, we cater to four sectors (Consumer Tech, E-Commerce, Media, and Consumer Finance) within the US market. While we have plans to extend our reach to additional sectors and countries, we can expedite this expansion to accommodate specific client needs.

Future products

We have ambitious plans in motion! Our vision is to utilize AI-enabled technology to supercharge every facet of market research. Trackers are just the starting point—stay tuned for more!

Company values

We have 4 core values that permeate everything we do:

Be generous & respectful

We believe people perform better when they are happy, feel safe, and enjoy their work. We try to do our part by being respectful of each other's differences, generous with our compassion and time, and cautious when judging individuals for their mistakes. Never assume malice, celebrate differences, and act with empathy, generosity, and respect.

Be brave & ambitious

Don’t be scared of fucking up, speak up, make a noise, cause a scene, start a riot, set your sights higher than you can dream, who knows you might make it, and if not you’ll probably end up somewhere interesting. The world is a dark and unforgiving place, we’ll probably all be dead by the next century, don’t let fear or lack of ambition hold you back, there simply isn’t time.

Be independent

We’re a remote first team, we don’t want to work with people who have to be told what to do, we want people who have common sense and can act alone. That’s not to say we won’t give you all the help you need, but we want people who when they get to the end of their to do list go and do more. We want yeast makers, people who can create some fizz, because when you have a group of these people working together towards a common goal there is nothing that isn’t possible.

Be fair & honest

We’re not saying you have to be a saint, we’re all human, we’re all flawed, but we expect everyone we work with to always strive to do the right thing. Often it’s the harder path to take, but we believe it pays off, whether it’s treating your colleagues and subordinates fairly and generously and making sure they get the credit they deserve, or simply being clear and open with clients relating to project deliverables, we always try to be fair and honest.