About us

We’re a team of slightly deranged entrepreneurs, data scientists and entrepreneurs out to f&^% some shit up when it comes to market research. We previously built and sold a pretty successful data analytics platform to YouGov PLC, formerly the best MR company in the world now sadly for them they have been demoted to a close second ;-) - where our CEO and CPTO worked for the last 4 years at the cutting edge of market research, so we know what we’re doing.

We’re revolutionaries, we’re here to tear down the haute bourgeoise market researcher and rebuild and replace it with something beautiful…

Hamish Brocklebank


It has been said that his raison d'etre is to blow stuff up and and rebuild it like some sort of non evil James Bond villain, he’s been blowing stuff up literally since he was a kid, and generally causing mayhem. Expelled from 3 high schools, though he often came top of his class, he did mange to graduate from university with a degree in physics prior to building several startups and selling the last one (a predictive analytics and data platform for the film and TV industry) to YouGov PLC. Here are some interesting facts him:

  • Releases music on Spotify under the name “Hamish Brox”

  • Has a skull on his desk facing him as a constant reminder that time is really very limited ;-)

Durgé Seerden


The person who actually makes the rebuilding part happen after Hamish blows things up. Has had a weird obsession with building usable products since he was a kid. Never expelled, no mayhem, just designing and building digital products. Has a degree in ICT & Media Design. Interesting facts:

  • Likes to play guitar (but isn't very good at it)

  • Has no skull on his desk

Company values

We have 4 core values that permeate everything we do:

Be generous & respectful

We believe people perform better when they are happy, feel safe, and enjoy their work. We try to do our part by being respectful of each other's differences, generous with our compassion and time, and cautious when judging individuals for their mistakes. Never assume malice, celebrate differences, and act with empathy, generosity, and respect. 

Be brave & ambitious

Don’t be scared of fucking up, speak up, make a noise, cause a scene, start a riot, set your sights higher than you can dream, who knows you might make it, and if not you’ll probably end up somewhere interesting. The world is a dark and unforgiving place, we’ll probably all be dead by the next century, don’t let fear or lack of ambition hold you back, there simply isn’t time. 

Be fair & honest

We’re not saying you have to be a saint, we’re all human, we’re all flawed, but we expect everyone we work with to always strive to do the right thing. Often it’s the harder path to take, but we believe it pays off, whether it’s treating your colleagues and subordinates fairly and generously and making sure they get the credit they deserve, or simply being clear and open with clients relating to project deliverables, we always try to be fair and honest.

Be independent

We’re a remote first team, we don’t want to work with people who have to be told what to do, we want people who have common sense and can act alone. That’s not to say we won’t give you all the help you need, but we want people who when they get to the end of their to do list go and do more. We want yeast makers, people who can create some fizz, because when you have a group of these people working together towards a common goal there is nothing that isn’t possible.

We're hiring

If you’re smart and hardworking come and join us!

We want smart people, it doesn’t matter where you have worked in the past or in what industry, our goal is to understand what the world thinks and why, as such we need a broad and diverse range of informed opinions to help us. We want the people who are too smart for their own good, whether it be their boring old fashion market research firm or an academic who never quite fit in. We want the people who want to work hard with a brilliant group of colleagues to rebuild a little part of civilization, if you can see the future while no one else is listening come and join us ;-)


We’re currently hiring for the following roles:

  • Developers (Front end, Full Stack): our base tech stack is pretty simple: Typescript, Python, React.JS, Supabase, AWS.

  • Data scientists: needs to have experience or a desire to learn very quickly about cutting edge LLM’s.

  • Market Analysts:  we need your experience to not only deliver stuff to clients but to help us build our product, so that we can put all the analysts out of a job. Come and help us eat your former colleagues (they will be tasty).

  • Generalists, they are a startup’s turbocharger, clever hard working people willing and able to support all parts of the business when needed. If you’re not a developer, nor a data scientist, nor a research analyst but are willing to get your hands dirty come and join us, we need you too!

We don’t care where you are based, but you do need to be fluent in English and be a joy to work with ;-)


Pay: decidedly average (we’re a startup) but we share our successes i.e, bonuses and stock.

  • Work environment: we’re all remote and that won’t change but we have regular tea/beer/music sessions on zoom and less regular meetups where we all stay in a big house somewhere warm where we work all day, drink all night (drinking is optional, but note that the founders are British and Dutch), for those who are hungover we sleep in until the effects have worn off and for those who aren’t they can enjoy the morning to do whatever they like, until we repeat it all over again.

  • Culture: we have some key rules and so long as you stick by them anything goes, but ultimately we're all about being generous, fast, brave and fair.