Where qual., quant., and A.I. collide to bring you the future of market research

Where qual., quant., and A.I. collide to bring you the future of market research

Where qual., quant., and A.I. collide to bring you the future of market research

Why we exist

We’re tearing down market research and rebuilding it from the ground up

We want to make uncovering the right research and understanding your business critical research questions as easy as doing a search on Google.

No more hours wasted creating tedious surveys

No more tedious trawling through syndicated research reports and brand trackers trying to uncover the reason why you got a brand lift last month.

We’re done with all of that, we’ve had enough

Welcome to the future of market research, welcome to brox.ai

What we do

We provide technology and media clients with better insights

Custom or syndicated, qual. or quant., we bring it all together, and we’re doing this in 3 ways:

Qual at massive scale with quant

With our mind blowing A.I. tech we can get qual. level insights on a particular topic from thousands of people at an affordable price. Get the benefits of qual. but at the scale of quant.

Massive database and massive panel access

We’re building an enormous database of profiled audiences, quantitative data and qualitative responses, which we can supplement almost instantly with access to consumer and B2B panels in nearly every market.

Automating insight creation

Crucially we can distill this down and synthesize this into statistically relevant easy to access insights in a flash, no more hours wasted crawling through verbatims or piecing together reports.

How we do this

How it works

We start with open ended survey questions

Instead of focussing on asking the most specific questions we believe we get better data by asking more general open ended questions and encouraging long form responses.

We turn this into
structured data

We’re then able to take these responses and parse them into structured quantified data as well as internally consistent qualitative data. This is the real magic as our data let’s us go beyond just the what and tell you the why and at scale.

Open question survey response

As far as Apple, I like them as a company. Particularly think Apple is a good-quality company with high quality products. What I like about Apple is that they always come up with new things. They're always building new products. Even more technology and advanced.

As far as anything I don't like about Apple it is just that the products are fairly pricey. I own an iPad and also an iPhone. I'm considering upgrading my phone because I have an older model. I’m thinking of getting the iPhone 13, I currently have the iPhone 11 but I'm trying to spend less money as I'm worried about the economy and maybe even my job…

Automatically extracted insights

Aware of Apple


Owns Apple products


Fan of Apple


Fan of Apple


Things they like about Apple

Innovative, Advance, Cutting Edge

Things they Don't like about Apple


Apple products they own

iPad, iPhone

Considering upgrading


Reason for upgrading

Old phone

Reason for not upgrading

Worried about the economy

Which device are they considering upgrading

iPhone 13

How much do they like their iPhone (0/10)


What are they most worried about

They are worried about their job

Create beautiful, pertinent, and actionable insights fast

We’re able to turn these insights reports, trackers and custom dashboards almost instantly, surfacing the most important insights, and in the  case of trackers and dashboards dig deeper and segment and cut the data just the way you like it.

Apple Net Consider Purchasing

Responses for the selected range

34 responses

Main reasons

Economy, inflation, expensive, new features

What do people think about inflation/economy?


Will recover soon


War will make it worse


Energy bills are rising

Why you should use us

Beyond just what people think but why

Our research goes beyond just what people think, but tells you why, it’s not enough to know whether someone is aware of your brand or is likely to buy something but the value comes from knowing why:

e.g. We saw that intent to purchase a new iphone decreased this year as nearly every brand tracker showed but we’re able to say why: “people are worried about their jobs because Putin is a dick&&ed” - to summarize.

Statistically significant

We work constantly to make sure that any insight generated is statistically significant and that we can scale it to nat pop representativeness or the demographic skew of your choice.

Fast and Rich insights

We can get really rich insights really quickly.

It’s not instant but we can get you qual. level rich insights from thousands of people in a few days, and all distilled into easy to digest reports.

Ex Post Facto Analysis

Not only are our insights fast and rich but because of the way we collect and process data we can allow you do to do analysis after the fact. 

As we get so many more insights per panelists compared to a normal survey response, you don’t have to worry as much about asking exactly the right questions.

Huge reach in any language and country

We work with established panel partners in nearly every market. We have access to both consumer and B2B panels.

We also have special influencer panels in the US and Europe.

We highlight the important stuff, the stuff that matters

Our AI is constantly getting better to help surface the things that matter, that are important to your business, and that are statistically significant.

Almost unlimited possibilities as to what you can do with our data.