The Streaming Price vs. Quality Dilemma: Why Consumers Cancel

Mar 11, 2024

streaming services why consumers cancel
streaming services why consumers cancel

Rising subscription costs and a perceived lack of fresh, high-caliber content have fueled a wave of discontent among streaming service customers. Netflix's recent subscriber churn highlights the urgent need for platforms to understand the complex interplay between price and quality in driving value perception and consumer loyalty.

The Content Conundrum's analysis reveals that while dissatisfaction with content selection bubbles to the surface of consumer complaints, it's often not the primary factor triggering cancellations. As one consumer explains:

"I'm thinking of canceling Netflix, because of how many times they're increasing their price. It's just getting ridiculous... they're still charging so much, even for people, who choose plans that are extremely low-quality video." – Female, 30-44

Price as the Tipping Point

What this suggests is that consumers maintain a threshold of acceptable value– a ratio between content quality and price. While a lack of compelling content may cause frustration, price hikes are often the final straw that pushes consumers to reconsider their subscriptions.

Actionable Insights for Streaming Services

To navigate this delicate balance between content and cost, streaming platforms should consider the following:

  • Reassess Content Investment: Prioritize quality over quantity. Allocate resources to develop original series and acquire exclusive titles that resonate with their audience.

  • Strategic Pricing: Experiment with tiered pricing models, offering flexible options that cater to different viewing habits and budgets.

  • Data-Driven Content Curation: Use consumer feedback platforms like to gauge content satisfaction and identify popular genres or themes.

Watch the Insights in Action, led by Head of Research, Catrin Williams:

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