Temu's Challenge: Converting Hype to Trust for Lasting Success

Aug 29, 2023

Temu's Brand Buzz vs. Customer Metrics

People are talking about Temu and noticing their adverts, but this doesn’t translate into customers yet.

Temu is trailing only Amazon and Walmart in terms of brand buzz. Why isn’t this translating into new customers so far?

Consumer Concerns: Trust, Quality, and Advertising

Consumers are hesitant to trust Temu because of the quality and source of their products.

The top keywords relating to Temu are ‘trust’ and ‘ads’.

"It just seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. They have all these different varieties of things, but they sell them for super, super cheap and I don't really trust it." — Female, 30-44

Consumers are irritated by adverts and find them suspicious, leading to more concerns over trust.

"It flashes on every click, and every time you delete it, it shows up another one.. it's always Temu, the Chinese Temu company…the one that's the most deceptive, is Temu." — Male, 45-64

Temu's Association with Shein and Wish

Temu is closely associated with Shein or Wish in terms of image: 20% of those who talk about Temu also talk about one of these brands.

"Yes, I've seen adverts for Temu all the time, every day, I see it on Hulu, I see it on a lot of streaming services. I haven’t ordered from them because they remind me of Wish and I feel like they'll take forever for you to get your things." — Male, 45-64

"Temu this and Temu that. Or Shein and Wish. Like all those companies want is like, like fast, fast fashion for the lowest amount of money." — Female, 30-44

Strategies to Increase Trust and Compete with Amazon

So what could Temu do to increase trust and translate its buzz into customers? We asked Brox.ai how Temu could increase trust levels to compete with Amazon:

To increase trust levels and compete with Amazon, Temu could focus on the following areas as suggested by the survey responses:

1. Quality Control: Several respondents mentioned that the quality of products on Temu can be hit or miss. Improving quality control could help build trust.

2. Shipping and Delivery: Respondents appreciated Amazon's prompt delivery. Temu could work on improving its shipping and delivery times to match or exceed those of Amazon.

3. Customer Service: Amazon was praised for its excellent customer service, including easy returns. Temu could enhance its customer service, making it easier for customers to return items or get issues resolved.

4. Transparency: Some respondents mentioned that trust means a company being transparent in their dealings. Temu could work on being more transparent about its business practices.

5. Data Security: A few respondents expressed concerns about their data being leaked without consent when using Temu. Ensuring robust data security measures could help alleviate these concerns.

6. Reputation Management: Some respondents had heard negative things about Temu. Addressing these issues publicly and working on improving its reputation could help build trust.

7. Ethical Practices: One respondent mentioned questioning the ethics of companies like Temu. Demonstrating ethical business practices could help build trust.

Overall, Temu needs to address concerns about the quality of products and utilize its platform to build a familiar and reliable brand image. It should focus on ensuring quality customer service and tight data security, which are key elements of trusted e-commerce brands. It should also emphasize the value of its products, since this is an area which is highlighted by customers who are already convinced by Temu.

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