Brand Loyalty Secrets: What Makes Customers Stick with Apple & Samsung

Sep 8, 2023

Apple and Samsung's Loyalty Metrics

Let's take a look at how some of the biggest tech brands are performing over time.

Apple and Samsung both perform strongly in the loyalty metric in our tech brand tracker (averaging 35% and 28% of the share of discussion on loyalty respectively). But we know that quantitative metrics through time don’t always tell the whole story.

AI-Powered Comparative Analysis

If we ask our QA bar to compare the qualitative data behind the two brands we can uncover the rest of the story:

In seconds, our generative AI analyzes thousands of qualitative responses and zeroes in on the differences in Apple and Samsung customers’ reasons for loyalty, uncovering the why behind the trends on a brand level.


  • familiarity

  • ease of use

  • perceived commitment to privacy and data security

  • dependability of operating system

  • customer service

  • seamless integration of products


  • reliability

  • quality

  • Affordability

  • good experiences

  • range of products

  • good service

The model also picks up on habits around usage of different brands, noting that respondents use specific brands for different purposes, adding a layer of nuance to the comparative analysis.

Demographic Differences in Brand Loyalty

Beyond this, we can dig into demographic breakdowns. Comparing men and women, we can quickly see that women are more likely to be loyal to Apple than men:

When we query the model about the difference, it tells us what makes women and men loyal to Apple, and homes in on the specific difference (women care about security and the popularity of the brand, but have some concerns about the price).

This corresponds with our industry-level insights on customer drivers, where price is the 6th most important driver for women and the 9th most important for men.

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