Streaming Innovation: Navigating Content Demands and Emerging Trends

Apr 10, 2024

generation gap in streaming content
generation gap in streaming content

As the streaming landscape evolves, platforms must continually innovate to meet the ever-changing content demands of their audience.'s analysis of consumer insights uncovers key trends and preferences that shape the future of streaming innovation.

The Paramount Importance of Content

Content reigns supreme in the streaming world, with consumers emphasizing their desire for original, diverse, and classic programming. Over 65s, in particular, prioritize classic content as a key driver of their streaming choices.

"I'm 74 years old, so I'm a real sucker for the classics, and I really like the old TV shows, the way they used to do things. I like the modern stuff, but you just can't beat the old classic material that used to be on." -- Male, 65+

To remain competitive, streaming platforms must curate a mix of fresh, diverse content while also catering to the nostalgic preferences of older demographics.

The Pitfalls of Content Staleness and Agenda Pushing

While content innovation is crucial, not all novel programming is universally appreciated. Eleven percent of consumers cite content staleness as a pain point, referring to repetitive or outdated content being presented as new. Additionally, a small but vocal one percent of consumers express displeasure with perceived agenda-pushing in streaming content.

Streaming platforms must strike a balance between pushing creative boundaries and avoiding content that alienates portions of their audience.

The Rise of Social Media and Scheduled Programming

Despite the emphasis on content innovation, consumer behaviors reveal a growing interest in alternative streaming formats. Fifteen percent of consumers express a preference for scheduled programming and advertisements, harkening back to traditional television.

Furthermore, younger demographics are increasingly associating streaming with social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, posing a challenge to established streaming giants.

"Which streaming services are you aware of? Twitch, YouTube sometimes. Uh, Kick is coming out. Uh, TikTok I think you can stream on. And, maybe Snapchat, maybe, I know Instagram. Facebook, those are just to name a few." -- Male, 18-29

To stay relevant, streaming services must innovate beyond content, incorporating elements of social media, live streaming, and user-generated content into their platforms.

Actionable Insights for Streaming Marketers

To navigate the complexities of streaming innovation, platforms should:

  1. Invest in a diverse content mix that caters to different age groups and nostalgic preferences.

  2. Regularly refresh content libraries while avoiding repetitive or stale programming.

  3. Experiment with scheduled programming and live content to engage viewers seeking a more traditional viewing experience.

  4. Integrate social media-inspired features, such as user-generated content and interactive elements, to appeal to younger audiences.

  5. Continuously monitor and adapt to emerging trends and consumer preferences to stay ahead of the competition.

By embracing a multifaceted approach to innovation, streaming platforms can create a compelling and engaging viewer experience that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Watch the Insights in Action with Catrin Williams, Head of Research:

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