Anime Popularity Surges: Men & Young People Flock to Dedicated Platforms

Jan 10, 2024

Top Anime Shows Captivating Audiences

Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece hit the mark with audiences with their engrossing worldbuilding.

Pokemon is the most spoken about anime show for our respondents, with 7% of all respondents mentioning the show, and 19% of those who view anime.

Viewers also enjoy Dragon Ball Z (16%), One Piece (7%), and Nanuto (6%).

Anime fans often cite the engrossing nature of content as a reason for watching, with 11% mentioning ‘worldbuilding’.

"I watch One Piece on Netflix. Why did I join? Because the fighting, the character, the world-building was great."

"Yeah, I'm watching One Piece right now on Netflix. And it's really good. I'm so in, because I'm so invested with the character and the story, the world building."

Men and Younger Viewers Flock to Dedicated Anime Platforms

Men are more likely to watch on a dedicated anime platform, with 4.7% of men mentioning Crunchyroll compared to 2.4% of women, but 7.5% of men and 6.4% of women mentioning Netflix.

Younger audiences are also more likely to watch Crunchyroll:

"I usually watch anime movies on Crunchyroll because they have new series that are available to stream." — Male, 18-29

Engaging the Untapped Potential of Non-Anime Viewers

The 63% of people who don’t watch anime could be engaged…

14% of viewers have stopped watching anime as they’ve got older or their interests have changed, and 14% see it something for younger relatives.

"I like anime. I used to watch it more like in the 2000s, some in the 90s..

"Oh, I don't watch any anime series. No, I used to watch Popeye, you know, a long time ago. But my granddaughter watches Polygon and the rap."

"I personally do not watch the anime series or movies, but I know my grandkids really like them... I know that they talk about it all the time yeah. I know they really enjoy it."

9% of respondents could be interested in anime but don’t know where to start.

"No, I do not watch any anime series or movies I would like to, but there's so many of them and I don't know which ones I would like to see."

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