Use Case: Answering a request from a marketing manager in minutes

Nov 17, 2023

Request from marketing manager:

"Which advertising channels and messaging resonate most effectively with our target audience (Gen Z) for a seasonal marketing campaign?"

Looking at Apple and its top competitors’ ad awareness levels in our tech sector report, we can immediately see that Apple is performing well.

Total time: <1 minute

From here, we can take a look at the qual data powering the report.

Total time: <1 minute

And ask our LLM to analyze all the qual data and tell us what we’re doing right.

Total time: 3 minutes

We can then compare with another brand to see what competitors are doing that we may be missing.

Total time: 5 minutes

We can zoom in on any demographic to get more granular insights on different audience segments.

We now have insights on what resonates with Apple and Google for Gen Z specifically.

Total time: 8 minutes

We can do the same thing with any demographic breakdown, or any combination of filters.

We can then use this insights to generate data-driven recommendations.

Total time: 13 minutes

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